A downloadable book

You have no idea what's going on but you want to save the world from an unknown person... Make right decisions and battle your way through enemies so as to beat the game! This was inspired by The Revenge Of Magic and Story Thieves by James Riley. Happy grinding! You're gonna need it!

Install instructions

You can download the file on Windows by opening windows powershell or command prompt. Go to the file's property, copy the location in the prompt with cd in front. Eg. cd D:Websites. After you click enter, you should type in tbl.py. OR

Go to the link https://trinket.io/python3/0df2f9a889 to just play the game there!

Enjoy and feel free to patch things up for yourself!

If you have troubles opening it, try this link: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Python_Programming/Creating_Python_Programs#targetText=Save%20your%20hello.py%20program,py%20to%20run%20your%20program!


TBL.py 48 kB